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Top 30 cei mai influenti fotografi de nunta si de portret


Fiind un fotograf de evenimente sunt mereu atent la marii fotografi de evenimente si de portret. Astfel cei de la Brandmash un site creat de fotograful Mike Alleback au postat o lista cu top 30 cei mai influenti fotografi de nunta si de portret, pe care o puteti vedea mai jos.
Pe multi dintre ei ii urmaresc si eu pentru inspiratie. Pe cine ati mai adauga la lista de mai jos?

Anne Almasy - Currently the industry’s most viral wedding blogger.She changed the way print magazines approach adveritising of same-sex weddings. #FunkyGoGoGirl
Carla Ten Eyck - Ten Eyck Tuesdays & teacher at Inspire. Actually she does a lot of inspiring these days.
Chris Becker – [b] Founder of and shooter of 10 bazillion weddings* (*estimate).
Craig Lamere – Amazing portraits. Ammmaaaazzing pooorrrtraaaiitts!!!!
Dane Sanders – Author. Speaker. Always Fast Trackin’.
David A Williams – It’s been said they he has the most meaningful workshop on wedding photography. Will he make you cry? Probably. Hopefully. Yes…yes he will.
David Hobby – The guy who changed the speedlight industry forever! The original strobist. We’d all be shooting natural light without him.
Gregory Heisler - 50 portraits. The man. The myth. The legend. And the book that every photographer should own.
Huy Nguyen – Unscripted and absolutely fearless. He showed us how. (And then gave us all awards for being super bad ass)
Jaleel King – Has wheels, will travel. We were inspired. We cried when he told us how to make lemonade. He taught us how to be unstoppable in the face of any circumstance.
Jamie Swanson – Founder of ModernTog. Viral blog posts. Teaching photographers how to make it rain.
Jason Groupp – He loves NYC. He rocks WPPI. He made the bow-tie a thing again.
Jen Bebb – A dreamer. An asker of “What Ifs”
Jennifer Rozenbaum – Intimate. Daring. Feminine. Boudoir Teacher.
Jeremy Cowart - Founder of Help-Portrait & Ok Do This. Humanitarian. All around awesome guy.
Joe McNally – What hasn’t this National Geographic photographer done? 50 countries, 2 bazillion assignments. Small light wizard.
Kara Wahlgren – The author, ghostwriter and editor of many of the most viral wedding photography articles you share…shhh.
Kirk Mastin – He made a little something called Mastin Labs. Buy it.
Lena Hyde – Do you Design Aglow? Yeah, that’s her.
Melissa NiuFramed Show. The most important photo show on youtube.
Michael Zhang – The wizard of oz behind PetaPixel.
Mimika Cooney – Have you watched MimikaTV lately?
Neil van Niekerk – Neil goes on tangents. He’s a blogging & education machine.
Renee Robyn – Mad photo skillz. Black latex & leather. If you haven’t seen her etherial work, check it.
Ryan Brenizer - He’s a noun, verb and adjective. Have you Brenizered lately?
Sam Hurd – It’s ****in Sam Hurd. Breakin lenses and taking names. He could turn aluminum foil, saran wrap and duct tape into a 4×5 camera. Then he’d probably use it to take pictures of the president.
Spencer Boerup – Kickstarter project Mag Mod man. He also showed us how to make mad money in portraits sales with The Salesographer.
Trevor Dayley - Teacher and writer for Fstoppers
Von Wong – Fire. Fire. Fire. hehe
Zack Arias – One Light, One Workshop, One BadAss Photographer

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